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What is the use of a selective sorting bin?


  • Compliance with regulations.


Under the Energy Transition Act of 1 July 2016, companies are required to sort and recycle their waste. The law of the “5 flows” (paper, metal, plastic, glass, and wood) emphasizes the usefulness and importance of recycling. If companies do not do so, they face legal sanctions of up to €75,000 in fines.


  • Compliance with the law of “ecological development”.


The objective of this measure is to lead businesses towards sustainable development. It is the beginning of the energy transition to greater corporate environmental responsibility.


  • The potential for significant savings.


It is more expensive to dispose of waste than to sort and recycle it. Separating and reconditioning garbage at the production site significantly reduces costs. Recycling provides significant savings for companies that are moving toward the “ecological way.”


  • The entry into the era of sustainable development.


Sustainable and environmentally friendly growth makes it possible to establish a circular production and recycling economy. This model corresponds to the future of our society.


  • Better hygiene


Sorting containers allow for better hygiene of the spaces. Indeed, the various types of waste are sorted using color codes or pictograms.


This avoids the accumulation of detritus in a single compartment. Your employees should strive to separate the waste for a better distribution of the waste.


  • More efficient recycling


What are the conditions that allow for better waste treatment? Waste sorting. By separating your waste, you can avoid contaminating recyclable products with polluted elements. Each category of garbage is gathered together to allow for increased recycling.



Low-cost sorting bins for easy separation of garbage


  • Colored sorting bins


Selective sorting bins have different shapes and appearances. Colored recycling bins are generally universally color-coded. For example, green containers are used to receive glass objects.


The yellow containers are used for plastic waste. If there is no blue bin, they can also be used to store paper and cardboard.


Black or grey bins symbolize the other waste. Waste that does not fit into any of the above categories.


  • Sorting bins with symbols


In addition to colors, small symbols representing glass, cardboard, paper, and so forth, are used to simplify the separation of waste. A compartment with a drawing representing the glass no longer causes confusion. This type of visualization allows an easy separation of waste by your employees.



Our range of low-cost selective sorting bins


You do not have the budget to make significant investments in the purchase of selective sorting containers? PoubelleDirect offers you its range of inexpensive sorting bins.


With colors, symbols, for outdoor or indoor environments, our inexpensive containers meet all your needs.


Cost-effective colored sorting bins


Do you prefer colored containers for your business? These are one of the best ways to differentiate between the compartments of a recycling bin. The Mondo model, for example, is a low-cost selective sorting bin. With many compartments, it can be used as a recycling center or individually.


You can place each of the containers in different strategic locations within your company. Made of 4 mm thick honeycomb plastic, they are very easy to assemble.


Delivered folded, this inexpensive sorting container can be used by local authorities, companies, and so on. They are highly stable and robust.


Cost-effective sorting bins with symbols


In addition to the colors, it is possible to display symbols on the different compartments of the waste container. These drawings are another way to make it easier for your employees to separate waste.


The Copenhagen model is in the form of a black block. With four compartments, this sorting container has tilting doors that close automatically. Glass, paper, plastic, and other waste are easily sorted for quality recycling.


The Copenhagen container has a compact format for easy use in an office or break room.


Low-cost indoor sorting bins


Would you like to buy low-priced recycling bins for your office? PoubelleDirect offers you the Eko model. This inexpensive model consists of different cylindrical compartments with a classic appearance.


Each of them has a color and a recycling logo accompanied by the corresponding material (paper, plastic, aluminum, and so on). This model of PoubelleDirect is made of painted steel and has a capacity of 45 liters. It is available in eight different colors.


Cost-effective outdoor sorting bins


What are the qualities necessary for an excellent outdoor bin? Solidity, resistance and the possibility to be seen by all.


The Atlas model meets all these requirements. Entirely colored, it is made of 4 mm thick cellular plastic. Easily washable and modular, it can be used individually or as a recycling center.


Its high resistance to bad weather and high temperatures allows it to constitute a high-quality and inexpensive recycling container.


This model of recycling bin is easy to assemble. It has a capacity of 80 liters. Available in many colors: yellow, blue, green, red, red, white, grey, orange, Atlas is the most affordable outdoor recycling bin that suits your business.

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