Indoor Bins

A wide range of indoor bins!


At PoubelleDirect, we offer you the most affordable range of indoor bins for offices and businesses. Stainless steel recycling bins, wooden and stainless-steel restaurant bins, individual collectors for cans or cups, large capacity sorting bins, and so on. Our professional indoor waste bins will allow you to manage your waste and sort it quickly. All this with the guarantee of fast delivery!


What does the law say?


Every company in France now should collect and sort its waste. Indeed, it is not a token of goodwill or a voluntary act of citizenship, but an obligation for companies.


Therefore, the indoor waste bins for businesses offered by are a real everyday tool. They make it possible to meet your legal responsibilities while optimizing waste management and thus reducing costs.


Designer recycling bins made from high-quality materials


In order not to detract from a modern and stylish interior, PoubelleDirect offers you attractive interior bins that are suitable for selective sorting. Considered as the best bins on the market, they will blend perfectly with your style and decoration. Made of noble materials – metal, stainless-steel, steel, quality wood, rectangular and metal for a chic and sober look, they can also be perfectly integrated into all types of office environments.


With one, two, three or four compartments, our recycling bins allow you to conveniently sort your waste on a daily basis and promote recycling by using color coding and pictograms to separate materials (glass, paper, plastic, etc.).


With PoubelleDirect, combining aesthetics, eco-responsibility and practicality is now possible!


Far from the standard unsightly and unattractive bins, our interior bins blend in perfectly with your decor.


Waste bins for restaurants


Equip your restaurants and company canteens with our specially designed bins. Thanks to our practical and smart solutions, you will now be able to sort waste from the dining room. With their large capacity, you can also space out the collections to optimize the management of your waste.


Also, discover TRIRESTO! With this bin specially dedicated to restaurants, your customers or employees will be able to clear their tables independently thanks to the tray deposit on the upper part and the two 100L compartments that can accommodate both cans and waste of all kinds.


This model of wooden and stainless-steel indoor bin, suitable for recycling, is also available in a connected version. A really original container, its internal sensor alerts you to the filling rate to be able to plan and personalize your collection operations!


Waste bins for tins and cans


To offer a complete solution for selective sorting and recycling, some of our office bins even have a can compartment! This is the case, for example, of the TOURBILLON waste bin, which will enable your employees to refine the selective sorting carried out within the company and better distribute the various types of waste.

Objective? Optimize collection and available space in the multiple compartments and reduce waste management costs. Its white color and its designer look with circular shapes will definitely appeal to you and blend into an office environment with complete discretion.


Bins for disposing of confidential documents


Our selective sorting bins for paper recycling, made of black or white steel plates are also easy to clean, very compact and space-saving. Let yourself be tempted, for example, by the original and modern look of VAXJO, this office paper bin that combines practicality and design. Thanks to this new solution, you will have a genuinely state-of-the-art sorting system. This robust sorting basket is ideal for use in offices, break rooms, schools or even cafeterias. With it and our other smart containers, there is no fear of any leakage: you simply dispose of and secure your sensitive documents.


Large capacity bins


One of the advantages of our corporate indoor bins is that they allow you to choose the capacity that best suits your company’s needs. Our indoor bin models can accommodate compartments ranging from 60 liters to 100 liters each, which means a total of 300 liters for a bin with three compartments, such as the large UMBRIEL indoor bin and its three large-capacity compartments.


Custom-made bins


Also, if the capacity of each compartment can be adapted to your needs, so can the color of each bin. We offer you a multitude of color codes, shapes, and patterns that will allow your employees or customers to find the right bin for the waste they want to dispose of. A gentle reminder never hurts to increase efficiency!


With these innovative sorting systems, our containers with customizable capacities and colors combine convenience and design to fit into any working environment, including restaurants. The solutions proposed by will merely adapt to all your daily needs and help you acquire the right responsible actions in your workplace!

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