Industrial Garbage Bins

The collection and sorting of waste in the industrial sector is very strictly controlled, PoubelleDirect offers you a range of industrial recycling bins that will suit all your uses (outdoor, for specific waste, with colors, symbols, and so on).


What waste production for the French industry?


A relatively stable situation


France has experienced a 3% decrease in waste production between 2010 and 2012. This decrease is mainly due to the 5% reduction in waste in the construction sector.


What about the industrial sector? Waste generation remains stable. It increases slightly with an additional 2.4 million tonnes.


Which waste is produced by French industry? These can be divided into two categories:


  • Non-dangerous waste. The Non-hazardous waste from economic activities (NHW) can be burned, stored, and so on. They do not pose a threat to the environment. These products take the form of used packaging (boxes, covers, plastics, for example), production waste (glass, wood, and so forth), used products, and so on.


  • Dangerous waste. These can take the form of soiled empty packaging, soiled solvents, used oils, batteries, and so on. Often referred to as “waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).”


Strict controls


In the industrial sector, the law of 15 July 1975, supplemented by the law of 30 December 1988, introduced waste disposal and waste recovery. Thanks to this law, the waste producer becomes responsible for his waste until its final destruction.


The decree of 4 January 1985 adopted a fundamental act. Indeed, any evacuation of toxic waste implies, with the help of this law, the publication of a Waste Monitoring Form.


If waste producers do not comply with the law, the disposal of the waste is entirely at the producer’s expense. A procedure then requires it to be executed ex officio or by consignment. Also, criminal sanctions may be imposed, such as sentences of two months to two years’ imprisonment. Financially, fines ranging from €305 to €76,225 may be imposed on the companies.


Another critical factor in the selective sorting of industrial waste is the ” requirement to separate Non-Dangerous Industrial Waste from Hazardous Industrial Waste and to deal specifically with the latter ” (Article 373.3 of the Municipalities Code). This law of July 13, 1992, allows the non-soiling of recyclable elements.


Since 1 July 2002, the only waste that can go to a landfill has been the ultimate waste. What is the ultimate waste? It is a material that cannot be recycled, recovered or even treated.


Our range of industrial waste bins


PoubelleDirect offers recycling bins for all uses. For offices, outdoors, for catering, meeting the Vigipirate standard, among others. Our bins are of high quality for optimized and hygienic waste sorting.


Colored industrial waste bins


What is the purpose of a colored bin? It allows you to associate a color with a waste quickly. If the recycling bin complies with the color code, your employees will automatically know that the yellow compartment receives the plastic waste.


The Malmo model, for example, has a classic look. Its three compartments are yellow, blue and black. This last receptacle is used to store the other garbage.


With a removable opening, this industrial recycling bin has a roller system that allows quick movement. You can change the location of your bin according to your company’s needs and constraints.


In addition to the colors, what other sign makes it possible to understand the type of waste associated with a bin? Symbols. Less visible than colors, they nevertheless give the user the ability to analyze the situation quickly.


Industrial waste bins with symbols


The symbol is a drawing that gives information about a particular context. The stainless-steel Malmo model is presented, for example, in the form of metallic grey bins with clear and distinct symbols.


With three compartments, Pori provides its users with a front opening. You can quickly change the garbage bags by this means. Each receptacle contains different types of waste: plastic for the yellow symbol, paper, and cardboard for the blue and other trash for the third compartment.


This symbol recycling bin has the advantage of having a wheel system. If you want to put your garbage can in the cafeteria, this feature allows you to move quickly and effortlessly.


Outdoor industrial waste bins


Who said that the recycling bins should be unattractive? PoubelleDirect provides its users with modern, functional and stylish containers just like Hanko.

Made of wood and steel, Hanko mixes the color red with the varnish of the wood for an exceptional result. If you don’t like the look, we customize your bin according to your tastes, needs, and objectives. PoubelleDirect also adds the motifs of your choice (city name, logo, slogan, for example).

This model is available in metal or stainless steel. It provides an original and convenient opening.


Industrial bins for specific waste


The industrial sector is a crucial waste production sector. Some are considered dangerous, and others are not. PoubelleDirect can be adapted to all your specific waste collection requests.


Ecocity, our particular medication bin, has an ingenious deposit system. The lid of the recycling bin lifts to reveal an opening for depositing used medicines.


Ecocity has a capacity of 70 liters. This large capacity allows for the storage of a large number of medications. When removing them, it is necessary to lift the lid and remove the bucket inside the bin.


Does PoubelleDirect offer other recycling bins for specific waste? The mesh container with lid allows you to transport and store a large quantity of waste (700 liters). Its cover allows recyclable elements to be stored in a safe and sanitary manner.

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