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At PoubelleDirect, we offer you the most competitive prices for a wide range of office bins. Long neglected, selective sorting in businesses has indeed grown sharply in recent years. In compliance with strict regulations, companies are now equipping themselves with selective sorting bins. Our practical and stylish professional waste bins will allow you to manage your waste and recycle it easily.


All this with the guarantee of fast delivery!



Waste in the office


What is this litter?


Each year, an office employee produces an average of 130 kilos of waste. Mainly made of used paper, the classic gesture until then was to throw them in individualized wastepaper baskets at the foot of the office. An un-ecological and efficient way to store garbage.


What other office waste is there?


  • Paper prints. Many prints and photocopies are made during office hours. They are undoubtedly the most crucial part of the garbage to be treated, about 70 to 85 kilos per person.
  • The books. Dictionaries, specialized manuals, methods, journals, brochures, and so on. Many works are necessary for the proper functioning of a business. They represent a smaller percentage of waste than paper printed matter but still represent a significant volume.
  • Mail… even if postal is less important today because of the different dematerialization processes. When you receive mail, you usually keep the document and throw away the envelope. As a result, envelopes constitute a significant part of a company’s garbage.
  • Cups, cans and other specific waste. Many types of waste are created during a typical office day, lunch breaks or meetings. The trash can be made of paper, but also of plastic or cardboard.


How is this waste treated? In addition to the traditional wastepaper baskets, in 2013, only two out of ten companies had PAVs (Voluntary Contribution Points), most of which consisted of selective sorting bins. In response to this situation, measures have been taken to promote recycling.



What are the rules for the treatment of garbage?


Every year, recycling prevents nearly 2 million tonnes of CO2, pollution that is equivalent to the activity of 800,000 cars.


What are the regulations in force to promote selective sorting in the office? Since 1 January 2018, companies with more than 20 employees have been required to sort their waste at the office. In order to comply with the law, they must install recycling bins on their premises.


This process is part of the government’s energy transition for ecological development.



Our range of office waste bins


PoubelleDirect offers its customers the possibility to purchase waste bins and selective sorting bins. We offer sorting containers with different characteristics: with colors, symbols, intelligent or adapted to the Vigipirate requirements.


Our offer meets your recycling needs while presenting different designs and functionalities.


Our colorful office bins


Do you want a bin that allows you to identify the different sorting compartments quickly? The Jupiter model is for you. Composed of three containers: yellow, green and blue, it will enable fast and efficient separation of waste. Your employees will no longer have any excuses when it comes to disposing of their waste.


Odorless and hygienic, you keep your company clean and in compliance with recycling regulations.


Its modern and futuristic look will perfectly match your break room, cafeteria or meeting room. Available in different capacities (30/35 liters, 50/60 liters, and 90/100 liters), this interior design bin can be adapted to the size of your business.


Our office bins with symbols


Do you prefer compartments with symbols? Does that seem clearer to you than a colored garbage can?


PoubelleDirect offers a selection of waste compartments decorated with symbols.


Symbol sorting bins make it easier to identify the different waste compartments: paper and cardboard, plastic and other waste. In this way, you enable your employees to participate in recycling simply and efficiently.


Our Orebro bin consists of three stainless steel bins. Resistant and discreet, it blends perfectly into the decor of a restroom, a cafeteria, and so forth.


Thanks to this model, your employees will no longer make mistakes when disposing of their waste. Its appearance and understated patterns will blend perfectly into an elegant, professional environment.


Compatible with all bin bags, this indoor bin is easy to use and can be adapted to suit your needs. You can change the position of the different compartments in any order you wish.


Our smart office bins


If your business wants to enter the era of the connected bin, consider buying a smart bin.


Sensory captor containers can be used to inform cleaning staff of their filling rate. This optimizes movement and prevents untimely overflows of garbage.


Our range of desktop recycling devices includes some smart models such as the Andromeda. With an automatic alert system, your cleaning teams will be automatically notified when a compartment is full.


A mobile application and a dashboard available on the Internet provide remote information on the status of the smart bin.


Equipped with a cover, it is also hygienic and odorless. Easily movable thanks to its wheel system, you choose the best location for you and your employees and your company.

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