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A wide choice of outdoor bins!


At PoubelleDirect, we offer you the best price for sturdy, practical and easy-to-clean outdoor bins. Discover our different models of urban waste bins, clothing containers, ashtrays, industrial containers, and outdoor recycling bins.


What are the characteristics of an outdoor bin?


Outdoor bins generally need to be reliable and robust. They should adapt to different climatic conditions: heatwaves, rain, snow, humidity, and so on. It is, therefore, necessary that they are manufactured in resistant and quality materials.


These outdoor containers also need to have a high degree of resistance to be able to withstand abuse, damage, and other factors. They are ” all-terrain bins ” capable of adapting to any situation.


Also, these outdoor bins can have various capacities and compartments to promote waste recycling. An outdoor waste bin needs to be able to adapt to the needs of local authorities or businesses. An outdoor waste bin can take an unlimited number of different forms.


Our range of outdoor waste bins


PoubelleDirect offers a wide range of outdoor waste bins such as city dustbins, clothing depots, recycling bins equipped with ashtrays, and so on.


Original designs and quality materials


The design of a bin must adapt to its environment. A park or sidewalk will require, for example, a sober design made of natural materials (wood, for example). On the other hand, the car park of a shopping center can be perfectly combined with a container with a futuristic and modern design.


With different colors, our bins are easily identifiable by users to make people aware of careful waste management. The latter can thus separate the waste by observing the colors present. The green symbolizes the container for glass products. Yellow is for plastic. The blue container holds paper, cardboard, and so forth. To make it easier to understand selective waste collection, some of our bins also have pictograms.


Recycling containers can be made of stainless steel, wood or metal, and can have several compartments according to the needs of the site. This number of bins can vary and generally ranges from two to four.


For example, outdoor areas may require a bin with an ashtray or a dog bag compartment to collect dog wastes.


Our various outdoor models


Our recycling bins are very well suited to public areas. Indeed, as far as outdoor recycling bins for public areas are concerned, we have many models in various shapes and with different functions.


Vigipirate bins


In addition to its needs to adapt to the proposed environment, it is now necessary to comply with certain standards in force.


What is the Vigipirate standard? It requires all communities to have clear bins in public places. This allows for better visibility of their content.


This makes it easier for law enforcement to intervene or assess a situation following observation of the bin bag.


They are essential in public places such as railway stations, airports, public authorities, and so on. However, the harmonization of this standard sometimes leads to waste management problems.


Intelligent waste bins for recycling


Our smart containers are the waste collection tools of the future. They are equipped with both sensory and level sensors to detect and identify their filling level.


Waste collection companies and cleaning services know in real time where our bins are located and how full they are. They then optimize their collection routes and their management by using tracking software. With the dashboard we propose, they can finally follow the position of the container in the event of theft or deliberate damage.


These collection containers allow local authorities and businesses, to enter a new era. Waste management is complete and meets modern environmental challenges but also optimizes waste management costs.


These outdoor bins contribute to the intelligence of objects (IoT), a critical parameter for the future of smart cities.


Why use a smart outdoor bin?


  • Level control with sensors
  • Tracking of the bin in case of theft or damage.
  • Respect for the environment and the requirements of sustainability


These models generally have two or three components, depending on your preference. They can be used to sort glass, plastic, various types of waste, and so on.


The Boras outdoor model, adapted to Vigipirate regulations, has three different colored containers: yellow, blue and green. Made of painted steel, wood and plexiglass, it makes sorting more manageable for users. Equipped with sensors, it makes its management easy and cost-effective.


Bins with an ashtray and dog bags


Perfectly adapted to parks, these containers offer exciting features for public authorities. Smokers and dog owners can use these bins to dispose of their cigarette butts and their dogs’ waste.


The Aria Inox Poubelle model offers selective sorting for an outdoor environment. It has an ashtray and a dog bag dispenser. Made of stainless steel with three compartments of 35L, it is the ideal waste collection tool for parks and public gardens.


PoubelleDirect can customize this model on request. Capacity, number of compartments, material, and so forth. The possibilities for modification are endless.


Wall and column bins


Our range of bins also includes wall-mounted recycling bins. Most of them are cylindrical in shape and have a ring to hold the bin bag.


The Luna model is made of galvanized steel. It has a perforated bottom to allow rainwater to drain off more easily. This feature also simplifies regular cleaning.


The wall container is equipped with a 4mm thick metal plate cover, and also has a removable ashtray.


Column bins are another one of our models. The Paper bin cylindrical with column has a cylindrical shape with ribbing, obtained by cold calendaring of pre-galvanized sheet metal.


All metal parts of the container are galvanized and painted with thermosetting polyester paint.


This style of container is perfect for an urban context, streets, sidewalks, squares, and so on. This column bin blends into the decor and allows for waste collection.

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