Satisfaction Guaranteed in Every Recycling Bin

We understand that your need for recycling bins ranges from functionality, quality to its capacity to match or compliment with your décor. These factors are our focus in manufacturing our recycling bins, to give you exactly what you are looking for.

Our recycling bins are top of the line, designed to conform to your waste disposal and management system. Whether for household or commercial use, these bins can act as your handy helpers in keeping your environment clutter-free and hygienic.

They make a good addition to any office or establishment, especially if you produce different kinds of wastes every day. Collection, segregation, recycling and disposal of wastes can all become easy tasks. Thanks to their variety of designs, sizes and style, there’s something that’s suited for your specific requirements.

We pay close attention to details to ensure that our recycling bins will function the way you want it. Our edge among competitors is we give you the freedom to add features to your bins through our customization options that enable you to add unique pictogram or text you want to see in each bin.

Applauded for its cost-effective prices, compact and sleek design, our bins won’t disappoint, no matter how complicated your waste disposal system may be. We have the right solution for you and by right, we mean we won’t fail your expectations. Our goal is to make it easy for you to segregate and dispose your rubbish, so you can keep up with recycling and waste separation laws on proper disposal of waste materials.

Make a wise investment for your home or business by choosing PoubelleDirect recycling bins. Our bins are made from high quality materials, designed to withstand long-term use and abuse. Choose from among our wide variety of products and decide which one would fit your waste disposal needs best. Whatever choice you make, satisfaction is guaranteed.

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