Recycling Bins

A wide range of selective sorting bins!


At PoubelleDirect, we offer you the best price for selective sorting bins that allow the separate collection and subsequent recycling of waste from commercial activities, or public areas.


Our sorting bins have been created either for indoor use in offices or for commercial or collective use outdoors.


Discover our inexpensive selective sorting bins, ideal for use in businesses.


The different selective sorting bins


Recycling bins generally have different color codes and designs to optimize selective sorting and thus waste recycling. They can be divided into two categories:


  • Containers for everyday waste


Even if it is not yet established, a universal color code is starting to appear. The green bins generally receive glass products. Yellow recycling bins are suitable for plastic. Finally, blue bins are generally for paper, leaflets, newspapers, directories, and so on.


On the other hand, it is possible to find another grey or black model, which corresponds to the other types of waste.


These bins are of different sizes depending on the use and storage location. It is possible to find models of 50/60 liters, 200 liters, and so on. Their size adapts to usage estimations.


  • Waste bins for specific waste


Less common, there are also recycling bins for specific waste. We can think of those for batteries and accumulators that are generally found in supermarkets and shopping malls.


Drugs also have their own specific containers in pharmacies. Simply bring them to your pharmacist for appropriate treatment.


Finally, less known to the general public, the special containers for multimedia devices. They can be found in specialized stores such as Fnac, Darty, and so on.


Recycling bins for easier waste sorting


As its name suggests, the selective sorting bin makes it possible to sort the waste you throw away. It distributes garbage for you and simplifies garbage collection.


With a view to sustainability, these selective sorting containers are perfect instruments for recycling. They also give waste collection companies or local authorities dedicated to this purpose the opportunity to collect waste in a more optimized way.


What laws for recycling?


Recycling is not a natural phenomenon. It is the result of awareness and a long action of the public authorities, materialized bylaws.


Initiated in the 1970s, the legal framework for waste treatment has undergone a gradual evolution. In 2007, the Environmental Summit made up of representatives from the government, NGOs, and so forth, was created to bring together health and environmental concerns.


This initiative, therefore, referred to the desire to pursue an ambitious and effective recycling policy:


  • Reduction of waste production
  • Improving recycling (reuse, selective sorting, and so on)
  • Limiting storage and incineration with tax measures to promote recycling


In this collective effort to provide sustainable solutions, certain regulations have emerged, also related to safety.


Since 1 January 2018, companies with more than 20 employees have been required to sort their waste and recycle paper. The sorting of the “5 flows” (paper, metal, plastic, glass, and wood) has also been implemented.


Faced with these increasingly stringent laws, it is, therefore, necessary to equip oneself with smart bins and other connected recycling bins.


Our range of selective sorting bins


Colorful collective sorting bins


While a universal color code is being introduced to differentiate between different types of waste, our bins already display the common colors. Yellow represents plastic waste. The color green is used for glass objects, for example. They make it easier for users to separate garbage and for cleaning professionals to collect it.


The Pori color sorting model is therefore perfectly suited for use in schools, hotels and public services. Easy to clean thanks to its removable bag holder, it is a sure value in color recycling bins.


Collective sorting bins with symbols


In addition to the colors, it is possible to display symbols on the different compartments of the waste container. These instructions make it possible to inform the user about the waste corresponding to each receptacle.


The Nikoping is one of our pictogram models. Thanks to its three compartments, it allows effective separation of waste. Glass, plastic, paper, and cardboard will no longer mix in your workplace waste bins.


Sorting bins for use indoors


We offer a range of bins for indoor use (offices, airports, stations, to name but a few). They have several containers adapted to separate the different types of waste (colors, shapes, and so on). And can accommodate specific waste such as cups or confidential documents.


Elegant and discreet in appearance, our indoor recycling bins can be made of wood or stainless steel. They can take the form of a storage unit such as the Stockholm model. This ensures that it does not contrast with the other elements of the company’s surroundings and blends in discreetly with the background. If you want a stainless-steel waste bin for your business offices, the Stockholm indoor recycling bin is indeed for you. Composed of four compartments, it allows a waste collection adapted to your company. You assign each type of waste to a compartment. This indoor container is flexible and can be adapted to your needs.


Outdoor sorting bins


Outdoor recycling bins such as the Kuokio model are made of materials that are resistant to bad weather and high temperatures. They adapt to all climate variations.

Made of painted steel, wood and Plexiglas, this outdoor bin has support rings to hold the bin bags. Thanks to this intelligent device, the plastic bags will be fixed correctly and will no longer fall to the ground.


Sorting bins for restaurants


PoubelleDirect also thinks of catering professionals. Our Triresto model is, therefore, perfectly suited to culinary settings. Does your restaurant, snack bar or cafeteria have a large number of customers? Do you want to make table access easier? This restaurant sorting bin has an integrated tray and two 90-liter compartments. Your customers will now know where to put their trays! Triresto is the ultimate recycling system for your establishment.


Smart sorting bins


For outdoor use, in a public area or a business, we have a series of smart containers equipped with sensory captors. They enable the people responsible for collecting waste to be informed of their fill-level.


Your cleaning team will no longer waste time checking the condition of your garbage cans. With the Andromeda model, you can control your recycling bin remotely using tracking software. A mobile application is also available for easy use at any time of the day.


This system, which is adapted to public administrations, businesses and local authorities, has three separate compartments.


Vigipirate sorting bins


The Vigipirate legislation, introduced following tragic events, requires the installation of transparent waste bins and wastepaper baskets.


It should be possible to visualize the inside of the bag in the blink of an eye. This makes it possible to increase security in public areas such as stations, airports, and so on.


For public spaces, these containers such as this model, adapted to stations, comply with Vigipirate safety standards. Transparent and made of painted steel, this regulatory system ensures the safety of train users and their families.

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