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Waste in the catering industry


In France, each restaurant produces an average of 300 to 600 grams of waste per meal for one person. A quantity that can quickly become very large if we add all the customers during the different services of the day.


The use of packaged products leads to a high production of waste. The leftovers of the meals are added to these packages, the plastics but also the organic waste (peelings, fish scales, refuse, and so on) in the garbage bins.


Restaurants are increasingly recommending the use of doggy bags, to counteract waste and simplify recycling, promoting zero waste by using all parts of the products and opting for selective sorting by choosing restaurant bins adapted to recycling.


What kind of garbage do restaurants produce?


There are two main categories of waste:

  • From the preparation of meals
  • Leftovers from meals


 This garbage can be:


  • Fruit and vegetable peels, animal refuse, and so on make up the majority of them. Most of them are easily recyclable. Packaging can be sorted using simple and efficient means.
  • When preparing dishes, cooks use all types of fluids. For oils, for example, it is possible to recycle them by producing soaps, candles, and so forth. However, to be able to reuse them, they must first be stored separately.


A restaurant must first evaluate the leftovers of the meals it produces, to optimize its quantity of waste, If the volume seems too high, it is better to reduce the number of dishes served or to implement measures such as the doggy bag.


In restaurants, there is also a problem of waste storage. Too little space and an unhygienic arrangement of containers are the main obstacles to adequate waste treatment.


To store and simplify recycling, restaurants need suitable and good quality waste bins. Our restaurant bin can meet these new needs.



The French legislation


Since 1 January 2016, the “bio-waste” law has been in force. It requires restaurateurs serving more than 150 covers per day (10 tonnes of waste per year) to sort and recycle.


If they do not comply with this new standard, they risk up to two years’ imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 euros. Sanctions made to discourage the most reluctant to implement change.



How to set up selective recycling in restaurants?


According to a report by ADEME (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency), “with more than 7 billion meals served each year, the catering sector is one of the most important producers of bio-waste from food”.


This report naturally includes company restaurants that are also subject to selective recycling. Waste collection solutions exist to meet these needs. The bins specially designed for recycling in restaurants are a good example.



Our garbage disposal for restaurants, fast food outlets, and canteens


If you have your own snack bar, restaurant, fast food outlet or company canteen, PoubelleDirect offers you a restaurant bin specific to the catering industry.


The Triresto model is indeed a sorting container particularly suitable for cafeterias, fast food outlets, and restaurants.


With a tray removal section, this recycling bin contains two compartments of 90 and 100 liters. Each of them has a front opening for easy disposal of waste. On the other hand, each container can be quickly and independently removed.


Thanks to its composition in wood and stainless steel, Triresto has a pleasant and discreet appearance. It will blend perfectly into the decor of your dining room. This snack bin is also available in metal and wood for those who prefer a style that is both natural and stylish.


This wooden recycling bin for snacks, cafeterias, and fast food restaurants also has a “smart bin” model. Equipped with sensors, it will indicate to your employees through an alert system when to empty it and put new bin bags.


Triresto’s connected model is, therefore, an effective way to minimize waste management costs.


You can connect it to your mobile phone using an application. Also, integrated tracking software allows you to manage different parameters concerning your smart bin.


PoubelleDirect is in charge of selling affordable kitchen bins. Trust these quality containers and their unbeatable price.

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