Poubelle Elmo avec cendrier 218-bis 1
Poubelle Elmo avec cendrier 218-bis 2
Poubelle Elmo avec cendrier 218-bis 3
SKU: DCA218bisIT

520,00 Excluding tax

Product Description


  • Dustbin for sorting, collecting and disposing of urban waste
  • Lateral opening to book
  • CLS Base
  • Quick drain
  • Long life expectancy
  • Key lock
  • With ashtray

Exterior Material Type: High quality sheet steel
Dimensions: 107 x 55 x 55cm
Volume: 60 liters
Colors / Adhesives: Choose
RAL Colors: on request you can make our products in another color

Delivery: Max 3-4 weeks

Additional information

Dimensions 107 × 55 × 55 cm

Most trash bins nowadays are equipped with great features which make wonderful additions especially in areas or places where several types of wastes are being produced. Elmo bin for instance is fitted with an ashtray on the top of the lid. This also helps extinguish cigarettes, preventing chances of burning all of the other wastes inside the bin. Elmo bins have lateral opening and CLS base. It has quick drain property and a key lock. Owing to its metal sheet material, this product boasts durability and longer lasting ability. It is available in different RAL colors and has a capacity of up to 60 liters of wastes.

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