GENEVE Trio-Selective Recycle Station for Waste Separation

SKU: 8435479106229

Geneve trio-selective recycling station 3 compartments mix 150 liters

850,00 Excluding tax

Product Description


  • Selective waste bin with 3 compartments
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not rust
  • Shockproof
  • Available with or without ashtray

Exterior Material Type: High quality, powder coated sheet metal
Volume: 50 Liters + 50 Liters + 50 Liters = 150 Liters
Delivery: Max 4-5 weeks

A tremendous amount of trash can be produced every day both in private and public places. Having a recycling container such as the Geneve trix-selective station mix can work wonders in improving your waste segregation and recycling efforts. What sets this recycling bin apart from all the others you see in the market is it comes in compartments made of metal materials making it rust-proof.

They also make an excellent choice because they can carry up to 150 liters of waste. Its unique design is for optimal sorting of waste in high traffic areas such as hotels, schools, and business establishments. They’re great for indoor and outdoor use.

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