HEX Modular Recycling Waste Bin with 4 Compartments


1150,00 Excluding tax

Product Description


  • Waste sorting bin with 4 compartments
  • Perforated bin
  • Does not rust
  • Shockproof

Exterior Material Type: High quality, powder coated sheet metal
Volume: 240 liters
Color: Color of choice
Delivery: Max 3-4 weeks

The Hex waste recycling bin is a perforated trash collector that comes with four compartments for easy waste collection and segregation. Its modern, sleek design makes it the top choice for many offices and facilities. Made from sheet steel material, this bin is shock proof and resistant to rust. Each compartment can contain up to 60 liters of waste. It’s perfectly made for both indoors and outdoors like schools, parks, restaurants and in the communities.

The colors and adhesives are available in different colors and you can assign the color of your choice with our customization. Its exterior has smooth, sleek finish for that touch of modern style.

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