LIBERTY MAXI Recycling Bin for Outdoor Public Areas

SKU: DCA293bisIT

900,00 Excluding tax

Product Description


  • Selective waste sorting bin with 3 compartments
  • Perforated trash can
  • Does not rust
  • Quick drain
  • Long lasting

Exterior Material Type: High quality, powder coated sheet metal
Volume: 156 liters
Delivery: Max 3-4 weeks

Liberty maxi collector may appear like a simple-looking trash bin but they can offer abetter solution for proper and effective waste disposal. These three-seater waste sorting bins are perforated and have a156-liter capacity which can hold a larger amount of garbage disposal.

You can strongly rely on its robust design as it is made from sheet steel material. They’re durable and have long life expectancy compared to other brands of waste sorting bins available in the market today. To suit your needs and taste, you can choose from a variety of colors available or have yours customize for that personalized touch.

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