NATURA Trio-Selective Outdoor Recycling Container, Wood + Metal

NATURA Trio-Selective Outdoor Recycling Container, Wood + Metal3
NATURA Trio-Selective Outdoor Recycling Container, Wood + Metal4
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Recycling labels / pictogrammes for Waste Sorting included.

850,001650,00 Excluding tax


Product Description


  • Selective waste sorting bin compartments 2 + 1 for cups and / or cans
  • Easy to clean
  • Does not rust
  • Shockproof
  • Finger print proof
  • Available with or without ashtray

Exterior Material Type: Wood + high quality sheet metal
Volume: 3 x 50 / 60 liters · 3 x 90 / 100 liters · 3 x 200 liters
Delivery: Max 4-5 weeks

Additional information


3 x 50 / 60L, 3 x 90 / 100L, 3 x 200L


Simple lid, Premium lid, Premium hinged lid


With, Without

Deploying different bins for a range of waste materials like paper, plastic bottles and glass in your office is more important today. For your waste segregation needs, you can rely on Natura exterior basket for selective sorting 3 trays.

Featuring three removable compartments, these bins are very easy to clean and won’t leave traces of fingerprints. It’s also shockproof and rust-resistant. You can get one with or without an ashtray. The exterior material is made of wood and metal. This combination makes it one of the most robust trash bins in the market.

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