Selective Waste Sorting Trash Can for Outdoors 80 Liters

SKU: DCA360bisIT

520,00 Excluding tax

Product Description


  • Recycling bin for sorting, collection and disposal of municipal waste
  • Perforated bin
  • Does not rust
  • Quick Draining
  • Lateral opening

Exterior Material Type: High quality, powder coated sheet metal
Volume: 80 liters
Delivery: Max 3-4 weeks

Paint selective waste bin is designed for sorting, collection, and disposal of municipal waste. It comes with a lateral opening. This perforated garbage collector guarantees to last long as it is made from high quality sheet steel material making it rust-proof.

With a capacity of 80 liters, it is sure to accommodate municipal wastes. Its sleek, clean design makes it look more hygienic and won’t give the impression of being dirty. This comes in white color but you can make a request so we can personalize it for you, allowing you to choose the color that suits your taste.

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